November 6, 2019

Tell Your Story

“Tell your story.” Those three words were the theme to Women Leading Montana’s 2019 Convening, and for two days, I was lucky enough to hear amazing women from across the state tell their stories. From becoming a foster parent, to opening a new business, to running for and [...]
August 13, 2019

We’ve Launched our New Website!

Women Leading Montana is proud to announce the launch of our new website! The website is designed to be a portal of information to share our mission, along with our annual Convening agendas and speakers. Through the site, we will also be able to celebrate our sponsors and [...]
July 25, 2019

Empowering others to bridge divides

Recently I was asked to share my thoughts on what it means to be an empowered woman. I gathered my thoughts around what I also see as a very divided nation right now and how empowering others can lead to bridging those growing divides. [...]
July 2, 2019

Let’s try a little kindness, it’s right in front of you

As each new year begins, it’s a new opportunity to restart and do a personal mental check on what’s important.  I spend a lot of time driving for my job. And that windshield time is always fantastic for reflection, pondering my “to do” [...]