January 28, 2022

Our State and Our World Need More Empathy

As our society is facing unprecedented challenges, our ability to recognize the humanity in each other appears to be waning. The culture of contempt is contagious. We often behave as if we hold a deep dislike for each other[...]
October 27, 2020

Finding Common Ground in Uncommon Places

We hear a lot right now about our collective societal need to find common ground. This place sounds so mystical and eludes us as our citizenry grows further apart. The state of our society today is divided[...]
September 16, 2020

Resources to Improve Your Leadership Skills

Even though we are unable to convene this year, that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to connect. Our wonderful steering committee has come up with a list of useful resources for Montana women[...]
September 16, 2020

Stay Motivated This Fall With Our Inspirational Wallpapers

As we begin a new season full of change, from colors, cooler temperatures, our favorite scarfs, and everything pumpkin spice. Take a moment to sit back, relax and enjoy all of the beauty around you. Life is beautiful and world of around us is truly beautiful.
July 28, 2020

Leaning into Mother Nature

As we are at the midway point in this indescribable year, I am finding a little self-reflection is in order. Along with many folks, there are times when navigating each day is something that I must work myself up for. And most of those days, it takes every bit of fortitude and perseverance that I can muster. [...]
July 20, 2020

Words of Wisdom from Women Leaders

Women Leading Montana has always been about bringing together women from all corners of the state. Women who are professional corporate leaders, government administrators, health professionals, educators, full-time stay-at-home mothers[...]